Message from President Kim Fuller Regarding Real Estate

I have been asked some question about Real Estate Agents accessing the facility and the Real Estate prices compared to other communities. I thought I would give some information I have investigated to help answer these questions. Some residents contacted me and had concerns about the following:

  1. The Real Estate Agents are having difficulty accessing the complex to sell homes.
  2. That home prices at Sun City Shadow Hills (SCSH) are “depressed” compared to other communities.

I met with about 50 agents last August to discuss this situation. There was a short period of time (about one week) when the procedure for accessing the complex was changed. The error was realized and corrected. I recently contacted the Real Estate Agent that set up the meeting with me in August, and asked if there are currently any issues with agents accessing our complex and I was told everything is fine. It has been this way ever since the Safety Committee met with Real Estate agents over a year ago to try and make accessing the community more user friendly to Real Estate Agents.

Currently Real Estate Agents may access the community by showing a valid Real Estate License Card and a valid Driver’s License to the patrol officers at the gate. They do not need advanced permits, nor do they need to be put on anyone’s list. They can simply come to the gate and bring customers in with those two pieces of ID. They may do this between the hours of 7am to 9pm every day of the week.

Since Real Estate Agents may access the facility seven days a week from 7am to 9pm, without prior permission, there is no issue with agents bringing in customers to see homes.

I have also been asked about the Real Estate prices in SCSH. I am not a Real Estate Agent, so I contacted one to get information about the sale prices of our homes here at SCSH in comparison to Sun City Palm Desert (SCPD). According to the last two months of statistics from an agent subscribing to the MLS lists, the price per sq. ft. of homes sold here in Shadow Hills compared to the price of Sun City Palm Desert is:

Nov 2017 Dec 2017 10-month average 15-month average
SCPD $191 per foot $203 per foot $189.20 per foot $188.13 per foot
SCSH $198 per foot $203 per foot $188.40 per foot $188.53 per foot

So, for the last two months the prices here at SCSH are slightly higher than SCPD. According to the same data SCSH is a little higher than Heritage Palms, but a little lower than Trilogy.

Data for the last 10 months shows average home sale price per foot for SCSH at $188.40, and the price per foot for SCPD a little higher at $189.20. Data for the last 15 months shows average home sale price per foot for SCSH at $188.53, and price per foot for SCPD a little lower at $188.13. Everyone understands that each month prices can vary, but it does not appear Shadow Hills Real Estate is “depressed” compared to other communities.

Kim Fuller