Monroe Interchange Project Soon Ready for Community Review

Project engineers are just days away from setting a date for a public meeting on the I-10/Monroe Street interchange project. Due to the current environment involving COVID-19, the public meeting will be held 100 percent virtually. All efforts will be made to outreach to community members who would like to participate in the public review portion of this long-awaited project. Watch for more information in the next few weeks.

Some improvements include reconstructing and widening the I-10/Monroe Street bridge overcrossing and the Coachella Valley Stormwater Channel bridge; reconstructing and widening the existing on- and off-ramps; adding an eastbound auxiliary lane between the Monroe Street and Jackson Street interchanges; adding acceleration and deceleration lanes at the westbound Monroe Street on- and off-ramps and a deceleration lane at the eastbound Monroe Street off-ramp.

The current estimated project cost is $85 million, and final design is expected to begin in late 2020.