Montecito Cafe Ad Hoc Committee

We are seeking volunteers for a committee to help determine the possible uses for the Montecito Cafe. This committee is a sub-committee to the Sun City Shadow Hills Food & Beverage Committee.

The Montecito Cafe Ad Hoc Committee will be composed of homeowners who have working knowledge and experience of restaurants, bars, and food and beverage operations, as well as homeowners with construction and renovation experience. This committee will have up to seven members who reside in SCSH and have the stated experience and an interest in serving our community.

Homeowners wishing to serve on the Committee shall complete a Committee Interest Form and file it with the HOA office. This form can be found on the SCSH website under HOA and then Forms. Committee applicants will then be interviewed by members of the Food and Beverage Advisory Committee and selected from the collection of the Committee Interest forms received by the HOA.

Committee members will help determine and document key operational elements for the renovation of the Montecito Cafe as a community gathering place for food and beverage as well as for special events from the Lifestyles department.

The Committee will recommend to the Board of Directors a renovation of the Montecito Cafe, to include structural design, equipment and food and beverage options.

The Committee will also present their findings and renovation plans to the SCSH community in Town Hall meetings. All recommendations will also be submitted to the SCSH Financial Advisory Committee for review and recommendation to the Board.