Montecito Fitness Center Receives New Equipment

We recently switched out the old fitness equipment at the Montecito Fitness Center that was at the end of its useful life. We replaced the old equipment with a new line called Technogym. Valeria Batross, SCSH Fitness Director, recently discussed these changes in our gym.

Valeria, why did we need to replace the old equipment?

  • “The old equipment was beginning to wear down and breakdown. It’s expensive to repair these machines and sometimes difficult to find replacement parts.” The expenditure was part of the Replacement Fund that was planned for this year and next year we will be replacing the Santa Rosa Fitness Center’s Cardio equipment.

Why did we choose Technogym?

  • Technogym is known all over the world as ‘The Wellness Company’ - a company that has helped develop the concept of ‘fitness’ into a complete Wellness Lifestyle which fits perfectly into the Fitness Department’s mission for the homeowners of SCSH. Living the Wellness Lifestyle means getting regular physical activity, correct nutrition and having a positive mental attitude.”
  • Technogym’s mission is to help people live better and provide the best possible fitness equipment, services, content and programs. Thanks to the modularity of the solutions that Technogym offers, SCSH residents can enjoy the same quality equipment that is used all over the Valley, including these high-end facilities:

Local reference sites below:

  • Ritz Carlton – Rancho Mirage
  • JW Marriott – Desert Springs
  • Tamarisk Country Club – Rancho Mirage
  • The Club at Morningside – Rancho Mirage
  • El Dorado Country Club – Indian Wells
  • The Reserve Club – Indian Wells
  • The Vintage Club – Indian Wells
  • La Quinta Wellness Center – La Quinta
  • Fantasy Springs Resort – Indio


  • Furthermore, both the fitness staff and homeowners can enjoy access to the world's most complete range of fitness equipment, for cardio training, strength training, functional training and group activities. Thanks to this extensive range of products and solutions, we are able to help residents achieve their sporting and wellbeing goals. Whether the goal is weight loss, strength training, or stretching, residents can achieve all of this, and much more using this equipment.
  • The quality of Technogym products is a direct result of the decades of experience gained as the official supplier to six Olympic and Paralympic Games. Residents using our fitness center are assured that they are training on equipment of the very highest level, just like a professional athlete.
  • Finally, after researching the leading manufacturers of equipment, the Board decided on Technogym based on pricing, warranty, service and referrals from other facilities. Technogym’s goal and ours is to make Wellness accessible to each and every member, regardless of age or fitness level.”

How can our residents get started with their own fitness plan?

  • Residents can make an appointment at the Fitness desk for a group orientation or a one-on-one session with a trainer to learn how to use the equipment. “I think the main thing for residents to understand about the new equipment is that, besides being the leader in the industry and having been around for 35 years, they are also keeping up with the latest findings in biomechanics and kinesiology (human movement) making the machine movements more effective”, says Batross.

As part of my research for this article, I asked to be put through my own fitness orientation and Valeria agreed to personally take me through a workout. I have to say, the equipment is SO versatile, each machine has these yellow tags that indicate the adjustable parts, so it’s easy to see how to adjust seats, bars, etc. to your own body.

I found the equipment to be very easy to use and Valeria pointed out all the moving parts so that each machine was customized for my body. I received my own fitness card with the number of reps, sets and weights for each machine, something that will definitely motivate me on my personal fitness quest.

We encourage all residents to come check out the newly remodeled fitness center and make an appointment for your orientation today!