New Bicycle 3′ Law Takes Effect September 16th

RobeyBanks-1All of us who drive in our development need to be aware of the new California law that takes effect September 16 requiring drivers to stay three-feet from bicycles when passing them. That's roughly the distance from your right shoulder to your left fingertip.

This new rule replaces previous rules that were vague about what a "safe" distance is.

The California Highway Patrol reports 153 cyclists were killed in car accidents in 2012. In Los Angeles County, 4,958 cyclists were killed or hurt in accidents with cars that year.

Please keep that three feet distance in mind when you see a bicyclist and get ready to pass them.

Remember -- our own SCSH bicycling residents, like Robey Banks pictured here -- will be the ones made safer when you know and abide by the law. And please remember -- the bike lane on Sun City Blvd is for bicycles, not pedestrians. Please walk/jog on the sidewalk and prevent an accident with a bicyclist