New Golf and Food & Beverage Vendor

June 1, 2016

Your Board of Directors has been working on reviewing our Golf and Food & Beverage operations and contracts.  We have listened to resident feedback and looked at the financials for both operations.

We decided to send these contracts out for bid several weeks ago.  A Request For Proposal (RFP) was created and sent to:

Golf (with an option to also do Food & Beverage):

Troon Golf
Western Golf Properties
ClubCorp USA, Inc.
Kemper Sports
American golf Corporation
Arnold Palmer Management

Food and Beverage (given the option to manage with management fee or take over completely):

Mario’s Italian Restaurant
Papa Dan’s
TKB Deli
Sherman’s Deli
Kaiser Grill
Goody’s Restaurants
Legends and Icons

From all of these RFPs we had only two that wanted to bid on the project and both wanted to bid for Golf and Food & Beverage operations.  We found that for some of the vendors having a one year agreement (which is required under our By-laws, HOA Boards cannot legally commit past  what is stipulated in their by-laws) was a deterrent for them.

After much discussion and review it was decided to go with Troon Golf.  They have several operations here in the Coachella Valley which makes them familiar with our unique weather and seasonal challenges.  Just a few of their local operations are Mission Hills,  Indian Wells and The Vue restaurant and The Classic Club and Bellatrix.

We thank Western Golf Properties for all of their efforts over the past couple of years and wish them well in their future endeavors.

We welcome Troon as of July 1, 2016.  We are very excited about the changes that we will see starting the beginning of our season, October 2016.

Once Troon gets on property they will prepare an introductory article which we hope to have in the August issue of the View and on our Website.  Stay tuned!