New Safety Alert – Read and Be Aware

Our head of security, David Archer, received information that another Coachella Valley HOA had five (5) burglaries overnight.
Some of them were caused when the burglar entered through unlocked side garage door and into the unlocked home.
Some of them were caused when the burglar entered the unlocked car in the driveway and hit the garage door opener, which then opened the garage door and the door into the house was unlocked giving them easy access.
Some came over the knee wall on the golf course undetected in the dark.

Please take steps to protect your home:
There are steps you can take to help deter burglars. Nothing is foolproof but if it is difficult to get into your property burglars tend to go to the next home that they believe will be easier.
1. Keep the side doors into your garage locked at all times;
2. Keep the door from the garage into your home locked at all times;
3. Lock your car when in your garage and place the keys inside your home;
4. If you live on the golf course work with DRC to get motion lights in your back yard to come on when someone enters the yard after dark. Burglars don’t like to draw attention to themselves and many times this will scare them off.

If you have a friend that is around have them check on your home while you are gone. Make sure you have at least one light in the house that is on a timer and remains that way whether you are home or not. This confuses burglars on whether anyone is home or not. Don’t let mail or newspapers accumulate. If you are expecting packages have your neighbor collect them and hold them until you return.
Let’s work to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe. Remember, we have to be right 100% of the time but the burglars only have to be right once.