North Indio Regional Flood Control Project

As you may be aware, the North Indio Regional Flood Control Project has begun in surrounding areas and at the corner of Jefferson Street and Avenue 40. Please be advised that Sukut Construction will be on-site as early as next week to commence work in the North Channel Pond Area.

The work will include the installation of a fence to secure the construction site. The fence will be installed along the east side of the upper North Channel adjacent to the homes on Camino Montecito and across to our perimeter fence on Jefferson Street. The North Channel area will be closed to pedestrian traffic at the Sun City Blvd crossing for the duration of the construction. The first step in the construction will be to drain pond 1 and pond 2 to prepare the area for excavation and grading.

We thank you for your continued patience as we work alongside CVWD and Sukut Construction for a smooth project.

For your reference, please click on the link below for additional information.


📄 SCSH Construction and Lake Draining E_Blast_2022_02_11_FINAL.pdf

📄 SCSH Construction Zone Map.jpg