North Indio Stormwater Flood Control Project Schedule Update

The CVWD construction contractor, Sukut Construction, has provided the following schedule for planned near-term work in our North Channel.

  • February 16
    • Cut an opening in our perimeter fence and install a gate with locks in order to create an access to the North Channel for construction equipment.
    • Begin installation of the temporary fence to surround the limits of the construction site.
  • February 17-18
    • Begin removing shrubs, trees, benches and concrete within the construction site.
  • February 22-25
    • Begin draining pond 1.
    • Capturing fish and turtles to be relocated to Lake 3, working side-by-side with a biologist.
  • February 24
    • Bring earthmoving equipment into the site and begin heavy excavation to accommodate construction of the concrete walls on either side of the pond that will protect the adjacent houses from future stormwater erosion. The location of the concrete walls is shown in the plan view below.