Membership List Opt-Out Form

The Davis-Stirling Act allows members to request the association’s membership list for any reason that is reasonably related to the requester’s interest as a member. The Act further allows members who do not wish to have their contact information (mailing address(es)) shared with other members to “opt out” of the sharing of their information on the membership list. The Sun City Shadow Hills Community Association’s membership list includes the names, property addresses, mailing addresses and, in some cases, email addresses of its members. This Membership List Opt-Out Form allows you to have all your contact information excluded from the Association’s membership list. Note: Should you choose to have your contact information excluded from the membership list, your contact information will not be made available to any member who requests the membership list; however, the Association is required by law to provide you a copy of all materials distributed to the community by any such requesting member by first-class mail to your property address within the Sun City Shadow Hills community unless otherwise directed by you in writing below.

Unless you submit this form directing the Association NOT to share your contact information when a member requests a copy of the membership list, the Association is required by law to disclose your contact information.

Please be aware that this Membership List Opt-Out Form DOES NOT affect communications sent to you by the Association on behalf of the Association.

I/We hereby direct the Association to:

  1. Withhold my/our name, property address, mailing address, and email address in response to any member’s request to receive a copy of the Association’s membership list; and
  2. Transmit the materials to be distributed in connection with a request for the Association’s membership list to me as follows:

This form can be rescinded by the undersigned at any time in writing addressed to the Association’s Board of Directors.

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