Performing Arts Club Nominated for Desert Star Awards

Performing Arts Club wants to let the community know how high the quality of the plays we present here is. Congratulations to all the following people who have been nominated for Desert Star Awards from among ALL theater productions here in the Coachella Valley.

  • Outstanding Production of a Comedy:
      • Hilda’s Yard
  • Outstanding Director of a Comedy:
      • Linda Bostjanick (Hilda’s Yard)
  • Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy:
      • Judith Bennoch (Hilda’s Yard)
      • Judith Bennoch (Old Hams)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy:
      • Earl Warner (Hilda’s Yard)
      • Gene Gambale (Hilda’s Yard)
  • Outstanding Set Design:
      • Marlys Costello (Hilda’s Yard)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy:
      • Laurie de Gonzalez (Old Hams)
      • Jo Beth Henry (Old Hams)