Phase 1 Slurry Seal Schedule By Street 9.9-9.16

Dear Residents:

We will be seal coating parts of the community in the coming weeks. Included in this letter is the schedule indicating the dates and locations. During this process, the streets cannot be driven on for 24 hours. The appearance changes from shiny (when wet) to dark flat (when dry). The streets need the cooler overnight temperatures to fully cure the seal coat. Please note that the "tar" is very messy and may not come off of cars, tires, concrete, shoes, animal paws, carpet, etc. It is easily tracked on to carpeting and tile floors. Please do not drive or walk on seal coating while it is curing.

Make sure you review the attached schedules and maps and plan to move your vehicle prior to 7 A.M. on the day work is scheduled for your street.  You will also have to plan a different route to your house when other areas are closed. PLEASE MAKE COPIES OF THIS LETTER AND THE ATTACHED MAP FOR EVERY DRIVER IN YOUR HOUSEHOLD. Remember this schedule it is for your convenience and for the safety of your property!

The seal coat process will start September 9, 2016 and the last day of slurry seal will be September 16, 2016.

There will be no slurry seal taking place on Tuesdays to allow for trash pick-up.

There will be no mail delivery on the day that your street is closed for seal coat. The post office will hold your mail for the following day. If you can pick up your mail at the post office at 79125 Corporate Center Dr.

La Quinta, CA 92253, please contact them directly at 760-771-2465.

The street seal coating is very expensive, is a difficult job to coordinate, and takes place every 5 years. It is therefore very important everyone cooperate to ensure a quality and lasting job. Following are some tips to ensure this is a successful process for all:

  1. Turn automatic sprinklers off at night before your street is scheduled for seal The street needs to be dry and sprinklers will interfere with this process.
  2. Make sure that your overflow drains are not draining water into the gutter.
  3. Reschedule deliveries (furniture, carpet cleaning, etc.).
  4. Reschedule pool maintenance personnel, domestic help, landscaping maintenance workers, etc.
  5. Due to hot temperatures at this time of the year, the "tar" will remain somewhat soft and will scuff easily by car tires turned too sharply. Please make gentle and wide turns around the corners and when entering and exiting the driveways.


DURING THIS PROCESS ONLY, you may park your car overnight on an alternate street.

We will also mark cutoff points with barricades where the street seal begins and ends

Along with the Asphalt Contractor, we will mark each cutoff point on the day of scheduled work.

Please pay close attention to the seal coat dates on the maps and the cutoff points.

The highlighted streets on the map are being slurry sealed on that day. Remember to have your car moved the night before or by 7 AM the day of the slurry sealing. You may move your car to a spot that is not going to be slurry sealed on that day. DO NOT PARK ON CORNERS OF STREET.

Ozzie Lopez
Facilities Maintenance Director




Friday, September 9, 2016

Tract 31195-6  Avenida Camarillo
Avenida Los Padres
Dog Park Parking Corte Jalisco
Camino Santa Juliana between Calle Santa Sofia and Camino Los Campos

Tract 31195-5
Camino San Mateo between Camino Santa Elise and Sun City Blvd.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Tract 31195-6
Calle Santa Sofia
Avenida San Fernando
Calle Los Arcos
Santa Juliana between Camino Los Campos and Camino Santa Elise (North bound side of Street)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Tract 31195-6
Camino Santa Elise between Camino Santa Juliana and Calle San Elijo
Calle San Elijo
Avenida Santa Eugenia
Camino Los Campos west of Camino Juliana

Tract 31195-5  Calle Santa Cruz Calle Los Arboles
Avenida Santa Belinda

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tract 31195-6
Camino Santa Juliana between Camino Los Campos and Camino Santa Elise (South bound side of Street)
Via Arbolitos
Avenida San Felipe
Avenida Santa Isidora

Tract 31195-5
Camino Santa Elise, East of Calle Santa Sofia to Cul-de-sac
Corte Los Reyes
Camino San Mateo Cul-de-sac

Friday, September 16, 2016

Tract 31195-6
Camino Santa Elise between Juliana and Calle Santa Sofia
Corte Los Corderos
Camino Los Campos between Avenida Santa Camino Santa Juliana and Via Arleta Calle Santa Sofia between Camino Santa Elise and Avenida Santa Belinda