Poem by Stacy Boeskin

Sitting alone
Feeling so blue
Oh Tutta Bella
How we miss you

Out the window are walkers
And golf carts galore
It’s too bad
There is golf no more

They are so fun
Driveway parties are In
Keep it under 10
Or it will be a sin

No pickle ball noise
No tennis out there
We need our bingo
It doesn’t seem fair

Our hair is so long
It’s crazy and gray
No salons for us
Cuz it’s home we must stay

Shadows stepped up
Our food shows up here
Mario delivers
He was on a John Deere

Our drawers are all clean
Our laundry is done
We can’t go out
What will we do for fun

The golf course is closed
We can’t walk the course
Don’t even try it
There will be recourse

The dog park is closed
The dogs are quite sad
Watch out for the pit bull
He looks kind of mad

We are lucky enough
To have so much sun
We can lay out
Or go for a run

So keep your distance
Follow the rules
If you don’t do it
You’re just a fool

Laugh often!!!

Poem by Stacy Boeskin