Poem: “SCSH Masks of Honor”

By Gina Star Pollack

Throughout the Coachella Valley, the pandemic was raging,
Our community was silent, all residents self-isolating.
Then an edict came down from our leaders, statewide,
That all should wear masks, so the spread will decline.

Our clubs heard the call for volunteers to help out,
To make masks to keep germs from spreading throughout.
The members of Needles and Pins quickly jumped in,
Then rose to the challenge gathering supplies to begin.

They eagerly teamed up and divided the mission,
Cutting cotton squares and sewing masks for our protection.
Bright colors and fun designs with easy to use ties,
We lined up to get one with smiles and relieved sighs.

I grinned as I donned my new virus protective gear,
Proud of our community for proactively easing our fears.
I can’t wait to wear my mask at the market next week,
I’ll send photos to my family who’ll be envious I look chic.

Three cheers for the members of Needles and Pins,
Like Betsy Ross, they’ve aided the Shadow Hills citizens.
They’ve protected our health and curtailed the spread of the coronavirus,
We thank them profusely; their creativity has inspired us.

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