Policy Guidelines for Sir Laffs-A-Lot Comedy Night


Effective as of April 15, 2015

In response to input received from many attendees at the March comedy night, it has become apparent that there is a need to publicize the policy for an open-seating event called Sir Laffs-A-Lot Comedy Night. Most attendees appreciate the effort made by the volunteers to have a comedy club atmosphere while also accommodating as many people as possible. The light-hearted nature of the event has inadvertently misled some to consider it more as a private party than as a public event for the enjoyment of all.

The following will enable Sir Laffs-A-Lot to continue in its current format:


The doors open at 6:30. If you elect to stand in line, personal items laid on the lobby floor do not hold your place. Get in line only when your party is complete. It is one thing to hold a spot for someone who had to step outside to make a call or go back to the car for something. It is a completely other thing for one couple to hold a place in line for three or four other couples who have not yet arrived. This would be unwelcome behavior anywhere, as would any other form of cutting in line ahead of others who have been waiting patiently.

The show begins at 7 pm. This allows for dinner at home. Coolers and snacks are unwelcome and distracting, and will be turned away. Ice and glasses are available if you would like to bring a can of soda. Most attendees would prefer to maintain the atmosphere of a club rather than a picnic.


Our event is open seating. First come, first served. No saved seats or tables for others who have not yet arrived. We need to seat many people in thirty minutes and guests need to walk in, pick up a glass of complimentary wine and then easily find a spot to sit, even if they don’t know the other people at the table or in the seat next to them. This is how most clubs function. Plus, it’s a great way to meet your neighbors.


The room is arranged with evacuation safety in mind. Any reconfiguration of tables or chairs is not permitted for this reason. This is for the safety of all.

Adherence to these guidelines will return this event to the pleasant experience it has been for years.

Note: This policy is being put in place by the That’s Entertainment Board and the residents who donate their time to make Comedy Night happen. We have neither sought nor received direction from the HOA, PCM or Lifestyle.

Signed: Board and Volunteer Members of the “That’s Entertainment” Club.