President’s Message: Update on Ceasar Larrach

Bob Israel attended the hearing for Ceasar Larrach on his settlement conference. Here is his report of that conference.

Thank you, Bob, for attending.

Kim Fuller

From Bob Israel:

I attended the Ceasar Larrach court appearance in Indio May 16. This was a continuance of the settlement conference. Prior to addressing the Court, I heard a discussion between Ceasar’s attorney and Steve Morgan the DA in which Ceasar’s attorney indicated Ceasar was ready to accept the Plea agreement deal offered previously by the DA at the time of the last conference.

He indicated that Ceasar was willing to make “ full restitution” of $105K by wire to the DA’s office , and plead guilty to a felony with a sentence ( to be determined by the court of from two to four years) which sentence would be suspended with probation for a period of time set by the court, during which time if Ceasar were to commit or  be found guilty of any other serious legal charges his probation could be revoked and he be required to serve time in prison.

Ceasar would be initially sentenced to 120 days in jail, subject to whatever referral programs to be recommended by the probations officers, (i.e. work release ,house arrest, ankle bracelet etc.).

When the DA indicated that the restitution amount was on the basis of his record to be $123,000 and not the mentioned $105K which was the amount in the initial charging papers, but which had been amended upwards, there were additional discussions, which resulted in the attorney for Ceasar asking for a one week delay until 8:30AM on May 25, at which time he represented he was fairly certain there would be a settlement and plea agreement to be entered.

After the hearing, I confirmed the above information in a short conversation with the DA Steve Morgan. Should Ceasar not comply as indicated, then subject to whatever arm twisting on the County and on Ceasar and his attorney which the judge might engage in, there would either be a settlement and plea or a date for a preliminary hearing would be set. On the basis of everything I heard I would anticipate that there will be a plea and restitution agreement arrived at by next Friday as lacking that the matter would move to preliminary hearing and result in Ceasar being bound over for trial.

Bob Israel
Member at Large