President’s Message about Election Campaign TV Posting Error

Hello Residents,

During the Candidate Informational Meeting that the Association held on December 14, 2017, the candidates for the upcoming election were informed that the Association would post their candidate nomination forms on the Association’s website and in the informational TVs in the clubhouses.   Last Monday 1/22/18 three candidate’s statements were posted on the TV’s in the Montecito and Santa Rosa Clubhouses at about 8:15 am after those candidates specifically requested that their candidate statements and photos be posted on the TVs in the clubhouses.  Consequently, for 2.5 days information about three candidates was displayed instead of information for all five candidates. Bob Israel and Agi Kessler made the Association aware of this issue and their statements were subsequently posted on Wednesday 1/24/18 at about 1pm.

The error that was made was inadvertent, but it was an error none the less.  The explanation, however, is simple-in the past no one used the TV’s to post their statements. So, when three candidates requested statements to be posted for this election, we did not realize we needed to post statements for all candidates.

Since the HOA did not post any statements in the past, and candidates didn’t request such actions in the past, we simply missed the correct and appropriate process as a matter of ignorance and lack of experience. This was the first year someone asked to have the posting. We should have posted everyone’s statement automatically, without asking, as a matter of course.

I want to apologize to Agi Kessler and Bob Israel for this error, and request that all residents take extra time to read their statements on the TV’s so that you can review and consider their materials.

In an effort to provide equal time to this situation, I have instructed staff to take down the statements of Bruce Marley, Fera Mostow, and George Stephens on the same days next week, in the hope that such an action will give equal time for Bob Israel and Agi Kessler. Given that we are more than 30 days from the election deadline, I am hopeful this will help to remedy the situation by giving equal time to all candidates.

I assure everyone that at no time was staff involved in any deliberate attempt to benefit one candidate over another. It was simply an inadvertent error, and unfortunately, we can’t go back to Monday and correct it. Hopefully this explanation will answer your questions as to why the HOA made the error in the first place.

Again, my apology to Bob Israel and Agi Kessler.

Thank you,

Kim Fuller