Presidents Message: Annual Meeting Election Rules

Kim Fuller

Good morning residents:

Frontier: We sent a message that all residents could call for appointments to install the Frontier internet, including the 205 homes that were never installed with the Fiber optic cable. As many residents found out when they called Frontier was not ready and they were turned down for appointments. Frontier announced they resolved that problem so all residents may now call. Let us know right away if this is not the case.

Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting for the election of two open seats on the Board will be held on April 6, 2021. Ballots will be mailed on about February 12 to all homeowners. If you decide to mail in your ballot it is due by April 5 at noon. There will be a ballot box in each Clubhouse so you can drop off your ballot if you so desire.

On the day of the election April 6, 2021 the polls will open at 9 am in the Montecito Clubhouse. You may drop off your ballot at that time if you have not already mailed or dropped it off. Polls will close at 10 am and no more ballots will be accepted.

Spectators will not be allowed because of the COVID restrictions, so the meeting will be done virtually. At about 10 am we will recess the meeting while the Election company counts the ballots, and we estimate to reconvene the meeting at 2pm to announce the winners of the Board election and the outcome of the ballot measures.

The Campaign rules for Candidates and their representatives are as follows:

  1. Signs may be placed in front of homes beginning March 7,2021. Signs may not be placed in the backyard of a home. I sign per candidate. Candidates have a choice of placing signs on Sun City Blvd or in front of homes, but they may not do both.
  2. There is no campaigning on Common Property without HOA permission. This means candidates may not walk up to people on the street, playing Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce, Golf, etc. to campaign and/or to hand out flyers.
  3. Candidates may hold meetings on Common Property with prior approval of the HOA.
  4. Candidates may go door to door between the hours of 10 am and 5 pm provided masks are worn at all times. Social distancing is required. Candidates may not leave information unless the homeowner agrees. Candidates may not leave information when a resident is not home. Candidates are able to go door to door now. This began on January 26. If a resident places a ‘No Solicitation’ sign in the front yard Candidates are not allowed to go to the door of that house.
  5. Candidates may not use the Mail tubes. These are for HOA use only.
  6. Candidates may mail letters to residents and the HOA is required by State Law to give candidates an address mail list of all residents unless a resident opted out of such a list.
  7. Candidates can email residents and the HOA is required by State Law to give Candidates an email list of all residents unless a resident opted out of such a list. If you don’t want to receive such messages you may request the Candidate to stop sending messages.

COVID Update: With the return to the Purple Tier in COVID guidelines, 3 households may meet together outdoors with restrictions. Masks are required if you cannot maintain 6’ social distancing. This can mean more than 6 people; the issue is households. If one household has one person, another household has three people, and the last household has four people living in the home, the gathering of eight people is allowed. No gatherings of any size or allowed indoors at any time. The 10 pm to 5 am curfew has been lifted.

As the vaccine is slowly distributed, please be careful and exercise caution, we still don’t want anyone sick if possible.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller