President’s Message: Ballots for Election and Bulk Cable Contract

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon,

Last week the Ballots for the Board election and the Bulk Cable approval measure were sent to your home. You should have already received the ballot, but if not, it should arrive shortly.

I want to remind everyone that there are two Town Hall meetings on Monday 3/2/20, first at 9 am and then at 12 noon. In this meeting the Board will explain in more detail why Frontier was selected for a Bulk Cable plan and how the install schedule will unfold if passed. It has been the goal of the Board to offer a savings plan for bulk cable service while at the same time not impacting residents in a negative way. The Spectrum plan would have impacted too many residents with something they don’t want, don’t need, or can’t afford, and the price increase in monthly dues over $50 per month was just too high.

Your ballot will have a measure, on the second side of the ballot, to either vote in favor of the Frontier plan or to vote against the plan. The majority of those voting will decide the outcome. If the majority does not approve the Frontier plan, the Board will cease all actions regarding any Bulk Cable plan. The Spectrum plan will not be offered as an alternative if the Frontier plan is defeated. The Board unanimously voted and made clear that the Frontier plan is the only plan that will be submitted for approval, so it will be Frontier or nothing.

I want to remind everyone that I did a podcast interview with Robert Firring where many questions were asked and answered about the Bulk Cable program. This is about a 30 minute interview to describe different aspects about the Bulk Cable program.

If you log onto our website as a resident, click on the ‘Podcast’ button on the right side of the screen, then scroll down to ‘Podcast Episode 175’, then click on “Click Here to Play” and you can then listen to the 30 minute interview where many questions are answered about the Bulk Cable program. You may also go directly to the podcast episode page by clicking here.

There are also documents on the website at  to explain different TV options from Frontier if the plan is approved, but keep in mind if the Frontier plan passes it does not mean you have to buy TV programming from Frontier. The Frontier plan is for internet service only, so if the Frontier plan passes you will be able to purchase TV programming from any provider you so choose. You do not have to have TV programming from Frontier, so if you like your Spectrum TV plan you may keep it if you like.

If you have additional questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller