President’s Message: Bulk Cable Contract Survey

Kim Fuller

Good Morning Residents:

As I said at the Town Hall meetings on Monday and Tuesday, today we are furnishing a survey to obtain your input on a potential Bulk Cable TV and/or internet Contract. A potential contract would allow for Cable Companies to provide TV and/or internet services to the residents of the HOA for a period of five years and to potentially reduce the amount of money our residents are paying for internet and/or TV services.

This information was discussed at the last Town Hall meetings on January 13, 2020 and January 14, 2020. The Presentation, the video, and documents to answer questions about the different Bulk Cable plans are on the website at

The goal for the Board is to gather as much information as possible so the Board can make a responsible and informed decision on how to proceed. To get this information we are asking owners to fill out a survey online which is now available. You may only fill out one survey per household.

This survey is available on the website. You will be required to list your name and address. This is because you may only fill out one survey per household. If you fill out more than one survey per household, they will both be deleted, so please only fill out only one survey per household. This will provide accurate results, and if there is ballot vote it will be only be one vote per household, so one survey per household will be consistent with that process.

The survey must be completed by January 22, 2020 at noon to be included in the tabulation of results. The Board, at their next meeting on January 27, 2020, will be reviewing and then voting on which company, if any, will be selected to put forward for owner approval by a ballot vote for a Bulk Cable contract. Be sure to attend this Board meeting if you have comments for the Board. If you can’t attend that meeting you can always send your comments to the Board.

☞ Click Here for the Survey

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller