President’s Message: Bulk Cable Town Hall Meetings

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents:

At the Board meeting on 1/27/20, the Board voted unanimously to put forward for homeowner approval the Frontier Communications (Frontier) plan for a 5 year contract for internet service. The Ballots for this approval will be arriving at your home about March 1, 2020.

The Board will hold two Town Hall meetings on March 2, 2020 at 9 am and 12 noon.

This will be to present information as to why the Board decided on Frontier, why Spectrum will not be presented even if Frontier is turned down, information about the ballot arriving by mail, and proposed plan of install if passed.

We could not do afternoon or evening meetings because the Ballroom is booked, and we wanted to get you information as soon as possible because the ballots will be coming to your homes around March 1.

The Board did place on the upcoming ballot, a measure to allow the Board to negotiate and sign a 5 year contract with Frontier for internet service. Spectrum will not be offered as a choice. It was the Board’s position that the Frontier plan was in the best interest of the entire community so that is the only plan being presented to homeowners for approval. On the measure you will be able to vote either for or against the plan. The majority will prevail in this vote.

If the majority of homeowners vote in favor of the plan, the Board will then finalize contract terms and sign a 5 year contract with Frontier as long as contract terms are acceptable. If the homeowners, by a majority of those voting, vote against the Frontier plan, then the Board will cease all actions concerning a 5 year plan with Frontier or any other company for TV and/or internet services.

If you have questions, please let me know.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller