President’s Message: Bulk Cable Update 12/23/2019 with Answers to some Questions

Kim Fuller


Good afternoon residents,

After my message this morning, I received some questions which I thought would be best answered for everyone.

It is true Spectrum will not be offering the Door Fee of 1.035 million, just as Frontier will not be offering their Door Fee of 1.380 million. This came at the request of the Board to both companies for a couple of reasons.

  1. Because we are well funded in our Reserves it was felt we did not need the money up front but would prefer a reduction of the monthly fees for the Cable services. This meant that Spectrum reduced their monthly fee by $5 per month rather than giving us the Door Fee. If Spectrum were to give us a Door Fee the monthly fee would be $53 instead of $48. In the case of Frontier, we got a reduction of $6 per month so the price dropped from $18 per month to $12 per month for not having a Door Fee.
  2. If we did get a Door Fee it was estimated that we would have to pay taxes on the money. This would mean about $300,000 to pay out in taxes. By not having a Door Fee all the money could be used as a credit on our monthly fee thus giving 100% of the benefit back to each resident. This seemed a better way to go to benefit the residents directly.

Please understand that because there is no Door Fee, we all receive a lower monthly fee without paying taxes.

We found an error in the proposal that did not line up with the proposed new channel guide for Spectrum. NFL Red Zone is included in the proposal. Once we got the new channel lineup today from Spectrum, we saw the error. The new Channel list is now posted on the Website and can be obtained at HBO is not included, but NFL Red Zone and all the other channels on the posted channel list are included. HBO will cost $15 per month additional if you want that service.

I have been asked if the Dodgers are included and that answer is yes. They are listed as ‘SportsNet LA.’

Please let me know if you have further questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have a great Christmas and Happy New Year. I will look forward to seeing everyone at one of the Town Hall meetings.

Kim Fuller