President’s Message: Care and Use of Face masks

Kim Fuller

Good Morning residents,

We have had over 1700 requests for masks. We are proud to provide these masks to you for your protection.  The Needles & Pins Club and many of the volunteer sewers from our community have worked together to provide them to you.

It will take a little time to make enough masks for everyone. If you have put in a request, we will contact you as soon as we can have a mask ready for you to pick up. We also want to explain the care and use of the mask once you receive it. Remember to wash and sterilize the mask when you pick it up, and be sure to wash your hands immediately after picking up the mask and discard the bags the mask came in.

Below are some guidelines to assist you in the care and use of the mask:

  1. Make sure you wash the masks in hot water before using them.
  2. Put the mask on so the pleats are facing downward on the outside of the mask.
  3. The mask may have a wire piece at the top to cover your nose. If so, pinch it to bring the cloth close for effective coverage.  If it helps you to remember, mark the inside “top”.
  4. Wash the mask each time you are out and exposed to other people.
  5. Do not microwave the mask to sanitize if there is a metal wire in the nose covering.
  6. Ironing the mask after washing is optional. Do not iron the elastic.

Thank you and stay safe.

Kim Fuller