President’s Message: Coronavirus Update (March 13)

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents:

I want to thank everyone for your kind support as we venture into uncharted territory. The Board is meeting daily to evaluate how to proceed. Please be diligent, responsible, and compulsive about following recommendations from government and medical agencies on how to best protect yourself during this time. Much has happened in just the last 24 hours, and more is still to come. We will do our best to get you updated information on how the HOA is proceeding but don’t hesitate to ask questions, many of you have provided us with information or events we missed. This will help us keep everyone informed about what is happening in the next few weeks.

There were some events we missed telling you about yesterday and fortunately many of you brought them to our attention. I have updated the list below to reflect those activities that we are cancelling. Events after April 5 will be evaluated as we go along, and we will get back to you as soon as we have information about programs and events after April 5. The only priority is that each of us stays healthy, so the Board is going to take steps to help in that endeavor.

For the moment both Clubhouses will remain open, but the Board has decided that the playing of all tabletop games in both Clubhouses will be suspended for the time being. Games like cards, Mahjong, jigsaw puzzles, etc. are prohibited in both Clubhouses till further notice.

The fitness center will remain open for now but please use all precautions. Keep at least 5’ between you and others, use the sanitizer wipes before and after use of all equipment, wash hands often, and if you don’t feel well stay home. Pools will remain open since they are disinfected with chlorine, but please keep apart when sitting on the deck.

Shadows will remain open, it is the big gatherings and buffet events we are eliminating. Shadows will be working on alternatives to cancelled events where buffets will not be used. Reservation times might be required so be sure to watch for information as it unfolds. We are trying to minimize the gathering of large groups of people at special events to help minimize any possible spread of the virus.

As of today, the events listed below are cancelled. Other events may be cancelled in the future and the Board will let you know as we proceed.

  • March 14 - Parking Lot Sale (Outdoor)
  • March 14 - Tutta Bella
  • March 15 - Let’s Meet and Eat
  • March 15 - Solos
  • March 17, 31 - Tuesday Night Putters
  • March 17 - St Patrick's Day at Shadows Restaurant
  • March 18 - Comedy Night (click here for details)
  • March 18 - Pasta Night (Shadows hopefully hosting an event without a buffet so be watching.)
  • March 19,20,21, 22 - Performing Arts (click here for details)
  • March 22 - Performing Arts Drop off Chicken
  • March 21 - Car Show
  • March 21 - Car Show @ Santa Rosa / Hot Dog service
  • March 24 - Classy Niners
  • March 24 - Tennis Club Banquet
  • March 25 - Southern Comfort Night (Shadows hopefully hosting an event without a buffet so be watching.)
  • March 26 - Men's Club Awards Dinner/Montecito with Fried Chicken buffet
  • March 27 - Performing Arts Dinner Buffet
  • March 28 - Shall We Dance
  • March 29 - Community Singers (click here for details)
  • March 29 - Couples Golf Dinner Buffet. Golf event will still proceed.
  • March 30 - Community Singers Dinner Buffet
  • April 2 - Oke Doke Karaoke
  • April 1 - Women's Golf Appreciation Lunch Plated Buffet
  • April 3 - Bingo
  • April 4 - Let’s Meet and Eat
  • April 4 - Shred-it
  • April 5 - Outdoor Concert
  • April 10 - New Homeowner Orientation
  • All Lectures
  • Fitness Classes
  • Jewelry Club
  • Men’s and Women’s Golf Club meetings
  • Movie Night
  • Needles and Pins Club
  • Paper Crafters Club

We will update you as we all help each other through this time, but don’t hesitate to ask questions. If you see an event not listed, please let us know so we can verify for everyone if it’s been cancelled or not. So far there is no reported case of the virus in our complex and with everyone’s diligence we will hopefully make it through in a healthy way.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller