President’s Message: Coronavirus Update 4/17/20

Kim Fuller

Good Morning Residents:

Quite different times we live in at the moment. Patience, it will be over soon. We all need to stay focused on the task at hand, it is the best way to protect all of us during this time. We all know it is inconvenient, but inconvenience is better than your neighbor being sick and possibly dying. It is amazing to watch what some have said is “the most remarkable act of Global Solidarity we may ever witness”. An entire world working to save the lives of each other. If it were not so inconvenient, it would be the most noteworthy event we have seen in our lifetime.

I have attached a graph showing the difference between using mitigating measures and not using such measures distributed by the Riverside County Public Health at As you see in this graph the number of cases drops dramatically if we stay at home and use masks to help prevent the spread of the virus. Let us all understand that the inconvenience of staying at home and wearing masks will save lives, it will be over soon but for now we must simply stay the course.

At this time, we do not know when the facilities will re-open. We do not have any new information from the county but as soon as we hear we will let you know. Until that time the stay at home, no gatherings, and the use of masks outside your home must stay enforced.

I have been asked about the Frontier contract because news has stated Frontier has filed for bankruptcy. This was not unexpected, Frontier Communications filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, but said its service to customers will not be affected by the financial restructuring, so for the HOA this does not make any difference. We have met with the reps from Frontier and for them it is business as usual. We will be finishing our contract terms and if acceptable will sign the 5-year contract as presented to the residents. The original install date was to begin 6/15 and would take about 3-4 months. Given the virus situation there could be delays, so at this point we are not sure when the install process will begin. As soon as I have more information, I will let you know.

I want to thank everyone for supporting Shadows during this time. It is helping tremendously to reduce the negative impact of not being open for sit down dining and helps to keep the staff employed during this difficult time. Saturday is prime rib night, and it is excellent. I have had it twice so you might want to order a dinner tomorrow night. You need to call in your order by 4 pm, but they are open till 8pm for pick up. Delivery is available but only till 6pm and there is a $25 minimum charge.

A new addition to taking out food at Shadows is they can sell alcoholic drinks for pick up during this time. Normally this is not possible according to regulations. These rules have been relaxed because restaurants are only allowed to have take out and no sit down dining. However, for delivered meals, there are restrictions, such as only manufacturer sealed alcoholic drinks (Beer, Wine or Liquor) are the only items that can be delivered. You cannot have delivered a mixed drink or beer on tap for example. You may pick up such drinks, they just cannot be delivered. Please be aware that to order alcohol you must order food.

One resident has suggested, if we all buy one meal a week from Shadows take out, it will help during this time to increase the income level and help to keep the staff employed.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller