President’s Message: Coronavirus Update – 5/11/20

Kim Fuller

Good Morning Residents:

The County has issued new guidelines for swimming pool use dated May 6, 2020. I have attached those guidelines. The County has also issued a new Health Orders dated May 9, 2020. I have attached those new Orders effective May 9 for your review.



In reviewing the swim guidelines, the Board decided that some changes may take place regarding swimming in the three pools.

Swimming pools: The pools will operate a little different beginning May 18. The guidelines allow for more than one person in the pool at a time.

Outdoor Pools: The Board has decided that the Santa Rosa pool and the Montecito outdoor pool will remain the same with only one swimmer at a time. The exception is the new guidelines allow for the occupants of the same household to swim together at the same time. So, when you make a reservation for one of the outdoor pools, occupants of the same household may swim together provided you give both names when you make a reservation. We will need to verify that the two people listed to swim together at the same time are occupants of the same home. All other restrictions will remain the same.

Indoor Pool: Because there are lane lines in the Indoor pool, four people will be allowed to swim in the Indoor pool at the same time, only one person per lane. We will begin taking reservations for the 4 people at the same time in the Indoor pool on Monday 5/11, and allow four people to swim at the same time beginning Monday 5/18. If you like to walk in the pool, you will want to reserve lanes 1 or 2. All other restrictions will remain the same.

Reservations are on a first come first serve basis and you need to call for a reservation.

The new County Orders state the County is rescinding many of the past Orders and will now rely upon the State rules during this time of the ‘Stay at Home’ directive. The Board will be meeting on Tuesday to discuss how this will impact our HOA. We are not sure at this time, so we are checking with legal counsel to discuss our responsibility in implementing the new Orders. Hopefully, we will be back to you by Wednesday with more information.

Currently the following rules are in place. Let me go through the different activities to update you on what is open, what is closed, and what requirements are in place:

Golf: Golf courses are open, and masks are not required outdoors. Masks are required indoors. All other restrictions, including no social gatherings, are still in place according to these guidelines. There are no guests allowed.

Golf Course is closed to all activities except for golfers while playing golf: Per the HOA rules there is no walking, jogging, biking, or dogs allowed on the golf course at any time.

Tennis, Pickleball, Bocce: These activities are open with the same restrictions, including no social gatherings, except masks are not required outdoors. There are no guests allowed.

Stay at Home Order is still in place: This means no guests and no gatherings of any size in any venue. You may not invite over non-essential guests to your home.

Gym: May not open by State and County order.

Fitness Classes: May not happen by State and County order.

Clubhouse Games and Activities: All Clubhouse activities are closed per State Order.

Driving Range, Practice Area, Putting Greens, and Putting Course: These are all closed for use except for golfers that are going to play golf. Golfers may arrive at the area 30 minutes before tee time to use these facilities.

Dog Parks: Dog parks are closed per State Order. This is because the State Order requires all dogs to be 6’ apart at all times.

Basketball Court: Board decided to close the Basketball court to maintain social distancing with other activities in that area.

All clubhouses are closed except for the business Center in the Montecito: Only the business center is open in the Montecito Clubhouse. All other activities are closed.

HOA Office: The HOA office is open by appointment only. You need to call to make an appointment for essential requests. All other requests will be done by mail only.

State Recommendation: “A strong recommendation is made that all persons who are 65 years old or older, have a chronic underlying condition, or have a compromised immune system self-quarantine themselves at home”.

So far, we know of no known case of covid-19 in the complex. We will need to practice the social distancing rules very carefully to help us all avoid this virus. We all need to continue to Stay at Home and not invite any guests into our homes either from inside or outside the complex.

We are part way home, but please stay focused, diligent, and responsible. By keeping our eye on the ball, we will hopefully get through this without a single case of the virus within our community.

If you have questions, please let me know. Please stay healthy and safe.

Have a great day.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller