President’s Message: Coronavirus Update (March 19)

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents:

Everything is moving along quite nicely considering what we all must do. The Board thanks everyone for their support. I have done another Podcast to briefly answer some questions, so ☞ click here to listen.

The Board is having another meeting tomorrow at 1 pm and we will discuss use of the pools. We will see, but please keep in mind safety must come first, not only for the residents, but also for the staff.

The number of questions has diminished, so I think we are all aware and making every effort to comply with our new life for a few weeks. It will be over soon, and we will get through this, and if there is a place to live, it is right here if we have to limit our activities.

Let’s talk briefly about Shadows Restaurant. We already know that everything we do here at Shadow Hills is subsidized by our monthly dues. Pools, Tennis and Pickleball courts, Golf Course, Landscaping, Security, Lifestyle events, etc. are all subsidized by our monthly dues. We subsidize Shadows Restaurant for about $8 per month per home. That is the difference between the income of the restaurant and the expenses. We pay $8 per month to have the convenience of having Shadows Restaurant available.

Now that Shadows Restaurant is closed to sit down dining, and only open for takeout, we no longer have the same income level. Without this income, our subsidy will have to increase as we continue with this coronavirus directive. It will mean a greater loss to the restaurant because no one can eat in the restaurant at the moment.

One Resident has suggested, and I am now giving you his idea, if we all buy one meal a week from Shadows take out, that will help during this time to increase the income level and help to keep down an increase in the subsidy. In the end we will all have to contribute to the financial losses of this situation.

There is no mandate, only an idea to help keep our staff employed, and to help all of us keep the food subsidy from going up too much. I for one like the idea, so my lovely bride and I will buy a meal at least once a week from Shadows. If you can, please participate and buy one meal a week from Shadows during this time. You won’t have to cook one meal, it will only help yourself, and it will help everyone as we march though this experience.

Have a great day. I will have more information tomorrow after our Board meeting at 1 pm.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller