President’s Message: Coronavirus Update (March 12)

Kim Fuller

Good Morning Residents:

So much can happen in such a short period of time that I want to thank the Board for taking time on a moment’s notice over the last week to review all the information about the Coronavirus. Much has happened in just the last 24 hours.

Consequently, the Board has decided that although there is no known case of the virus here in our complex, it is better to be proactive and err on the side of health and safety to determine how to proceed. We all want what is best for all of us long term, and a brief period of time without certain events is not only responsible but helps all of us to get past this current situation as quickly as possible with hopefully no health impacts to our neighbors. The only priority is that each of us stays healthy, so the Board is going to take some steps to help in that endeavor.

As of today, the events listed below are cancelled. Other events may be cancelled in the future and the Board will let you know as we proceed. For the moment both Clubhouses will remain open and all facilities will remain open. We are trying to minimize the gathering of large groups of people at special events to help minimize any possible spread of the virus. The events currently that have been cancelled are:

  • March 14 - Parking Lot Sale (outdoor)
  • March 14 - Tutta Bella
  • March 15 - Let’s Meet and Eat
  • March 18 - Comedy Night (click here for details)
  • March 19,20,21,22 - Performing Arts
  • March 21 - Car Show
  • March 29 - Community Singers
  • March 30 - Community Singers Lunch
  • April 4 - Let’s Meet and Eat
  • April 5 - Outdoor Concert
  • Banquet Events:
    • March 13 - Men's Club Member/Guest with Breakfast and Lunch buffet service. Not the golf event itself.
    • March 17 - St Patrick's Day in Shadows
    • March 21 - Car Show @ Santa Rosa / Hot Dog service
    • March 26 - Men's Club Awards Dinner / Montecito with Fried Chicken buffet
  • All Lectures
  • Men’s and Women’s Golf Club meetings
  • All fitness classes for two weeks

I wish everyone great health, but this is a time to be responsible and prudent in our operations. If anyone feels sick, please follow all the medical protocols and please let us know asap. We need to help each other by informing the HOA if you are sick so we can take additional actions to minimize other people contacting the virus. Working together we will hopefully get through this time with minimal impact and then return to the lifestyle we all appreciate. The Board wants you to know how much we appreciate your effort to help all of us get through this time in a positive way. I understand we will miss some of our favorite events, but it is a small price to pay to help keep our neighbors healthy and safe. This time will pass soon and there is no better cause for sacrifice than to help a friend. Thanks for your support and efforts.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller