President’s Message: Current Guidelines 10/8/20

Please see the updated guidelines dated 3/23/2021

Kim Fuller

Good Morning Residents.

Here are the current guidelines for the different activities we are now offering. If you have any questions be sure to let me know.

As we move forward please be aware that the State’s Stay-at-Home Order is still in effect. There are exceptions to this order that we have incorporated into these guidelines. Please understand that the exceptions are not always consistent. Some activities are granted exceptions while others are not. For example, Restaurants and gyms can open but billiards may not open.


Online Reservation Hours: 8 AM-11:45 PM Everyday

Phone-in Reservation Hours: 8 AM-4 PM Everyday


The following activities will have no changes:

Santa Rosa Pool–No change

Indoor Pool-No change

Tennis/Pickleball/Bocce-No change

Montecito Clubhouse-No change, still closed.

Putting Course-The putting course at the Montecito Clubhouse will be closed until 12/1/2020. We have overseeding and given the area staff believes this area will take longer than the rest of the course. If it is ready earlier, we will let you know. We will also need to set up the reservation system for this area and that is not ready yet.


The following areas now have revised guidelines:

Dog Parks- Beginning October 1, the capacity for dog parks increased from 4 people to 8 people per section (small dogs and large dogs sections). Reservations are still required. You must maintain distancing or wear a mask.

Montecito Outdoor Pool- Beginning October 1, the capacity for the pool increased from 4 to 8 people and you may use it every day. You still need to maintain social distancing. Reservations are still required. There will be no lap swimming allowed in the Montecito Outdoor Pool with this higher capacity as there would be too much conflict with 7 other people in the pool.


New! Gym is Open:

Capacity- The new guidelines permit the opening of the gym with 10% capacity. Here are the operating procedures.

Beginning October 1, the gyms will be open on a reservation-only basis with the following capacity limits:

Montecito-13 people

Santa Rosa-9 people

Face Masks and Social Distancing-Face Masks will always be required while indoors no matter what activity. Distancing will also be required at all times.

Reservations-Each reservation will be for 45 minutes and you are limited to one reservation per day.

Arrival-You may arrive 5 minutes before your reservation time.

Departure-You must leave on time.

Temperature-Your temperature will be taken upon arrival. If it exceeds 100.0 you will not be permitted to enter or workout.

Waivers-You must sign a new waiver. The new waivers are required because of Covid. People using the online reservation system have already filled out the waiver, but residents that made a phone-in reservation need to sign the waiver. Please understand that it may take a few minutes to sign the waiver the first time you arrive and be patient.

Gym Hours:

Monday-Friday 6 AM-6 PM

Saturday/Sunday 7:30 AM-4:30 PM

Special Note regarding small equipment-All small equipment has been removed. The County order makes cleaning of small shared equipment difficult to manage so we have removed the equipment.

Restrictions-By County order-the following will not be available: Lockers, water, showers, gatherings, chairs, and tables.

Resident ID Cards: Resident ID cards will be required to use the gym. If you don’t have one for some reason, make an appointment with the HOA office for another card.

No Guests.

Fitness Classes: We are working on Fitness classes and hopefully will start later in October.

Yearly Fitness Class Passholders: Fees will be returned on a pro-rated basis. Future classes will be fee based with costs being the same for everyone.


Shadows Re-opening for Sit-down Meals:

Takeout and Delivery will continue.

Hours for sit down dining: 10 AM-7 PM Everyday


4 people per table maximum.

No guests.

No changing of tables even if a seat is available at another table.

Reservations with the number of people may not change when you arrive at the restaurant.

Advance Reservations Required: Residents only and residents must show their Resident ID cards upon entry.

No Public Access.

Temperatures will be checked upon entry and if temp exceeds 100.0 you may not enter.

Masks required upon entering building.

Masks required to walk to table.

You may take your mask off once seated.

You need a mask when leaving the table for any reason, including going to the restroom.

Capacity: 6 tables indoors based on capacity of 25%. 6 tables outdoors based on distancing.

Limited Menu-Not the same as before.


Golf-South Course (re-opening October 31) Changes:

Tee Times: Split Tee Times (Double Tee start)

8:00 AM-10:00 AM

12:30 PM-2:30 PM

8-minute intervals (was 10 minutes)

Pre-Payment Required (same as before)

Golf Carts-Individual golf carts may only be used if you pay the trail fee starting 10/31/20.


Guests: The Stay at Home Order is still in effect. The State Order is still in effect about ‘Stay-at-Home’ and ‘no gatherings’. Residents are responsible to follow the State Order. The HOA will be looking for and enforce no visitors and no gatherings on Common Property, such as streets, parking lots, Courts, etc.

If a resident is walking with a child, they can be cited for violating State Order because a young person is not supposed to be visiting and they are on common property. If walking, biking, etc. on Common property including streets, the people will be cited.

The HOA will not be looking for violations of the State Order on private property. We will investigate any complaints of noise or conduct on private property. We are not looking for such violations on private property, for example in your home. But if there is a complaint we will investigate even on private property.


Thank you. Have a great day.

Kim Fuller