President’s Message: Desert Retreat Development

Hello fellow homeowners,

Your Board is proactively working with the City of Indio and Pulte concerning the Desert Retreat Development. To that end, your new Board is forming a new Advisory Committee solely for the purpose of working on this project as well as other development issues.

Pulte has addressed a few of our issues to date as described in their updated preliminary proposal; but the Board recognizes that Pulte has yet to address the most serious issues, including the upgrade to the sewer system.

The Board has consistently made it clear that we continue to find the sewer system upgrade Pulte has proposed, unacceptable and proposed alternatives.

The attached flyer is for your informational purposes. It does not represent the final approved plan in any way. That being said, Pulte plans to break ground at the end of 2024.

Pulte Desert Retreat Update Flyer

We will be holding another SCSH Townhall soon to report on the progress. In the meantime, please email me your questions and comments.

We are specifically looking for a homeowner with an executive-level background in real estate development to join this newly formed committee as a volunteer. There is a great deal of work your Board needs to do and will require the coordination of several of our standing advisory committees.

Thank you to the 86 homeowners who sent comments to the City of Indio Planning Commission. They were received.

Kindest Regards,

Jerry Conrad
Board President