President’s Message: Dogs off Leash, Board Meeting, and Guests

Kim Fuller

Good day residents:

I want to thank so many of you for helping during this time as we march through what some might call “March Madness.” This will be over at some point and we will be fine, but patience is needed to be sure we help each other follow the most productive path by keeping distance from each other and staying home as much as possible. Clearly the areas of the country that don’t have a lot of people in close proximity are doing better than high density areas and we can learn from this. Please try your best to maintain distance from others.

We can’t close the complex to guests, each resident has the right to invite anyone here they wish. But we can try to voluntarily limit our guests to those that are necessary. If you can postpone a visit, let friends know it’s in everyone’s interest that we share phone calls, emails, letters, or video conferencing. If each of us can reduce the guests that come into the complex, we will be better off, and the sooner this will all be over.

As a result of the dog parks being closed there are more dogs out walking with owners. There have also been complaints of dogs walking off leash, too many complaints. Keep in mind when a dog is not on a leash, there are many of us that are frightened by a charging dog, even when friendly, and no one should have to experience such fear. I have asked security and the golf course Marshall’s to increase patrols and to cite anyone with a dog off leash.

One person was injured by two dogs off leash, when they came running at the person, tore through clothing and scratched the person’s legs causing them to bleed. This is just not acceptable. We all know the great majority of residents are responsible dog owners, so we need everyone’s help to tell those people walking a dog off leash to please attach a leash, and if necessary call security immediately so such people can be stopped and cited. No one should have to go through what this person experienced while trying to be outdoors and walking during this difficult time. We must work together to make it safe for everyone.

The Board will be meeting on Monday. This will be a closed-session meeting so that we don’t have people in the same room when not necessary. I will do another Podcast on Tuesday or Wednesday to let everyone know of any new information, but given almost all facilities are closed, we are waiting for instructions from the state before we can plan to open up activities once again. We will be fine, and soon it will all be over, and we can look back and have a story to tell our grandkids. It will be a good story to tell and they will need to hear all about it.

Keep in touch and I wish you all a great and healthy day.

Thank you and see you all soon.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller