President’s Message: Fitness Class Sign up Procedure

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents,

Beginning November 1, we will be implementing a new procedure to sign up for fitness classes. First a brief history to explain the past and how we got to this point.

About 2.5 years ago, at the request of residents, more fitness classes were offered, but it was done on the expectation and condition that the program would not need additional subsidy. So, many classes were implemented, and financial projections were made to maintain the subsidy so that homeowners would not have an increase in the monthly assessments for the classes. This concept seemed reasonable because these classes were never part of the fitness budget, so to increase the cost of classes to all residents by increasing their monthly assessments did not seem fair.

Part of the projection at that time was a yearly, monthly, and day use fee for the classes. This was implemented and has been done for the last 2.5 years. As this program unfolded, we found the many residents that purchased the yearly or monthly passes enjoyed the benefit of taking two classes in a row. More participation seemed a positive outcome.

At that time residents could sign up for classes early, like one hour before the start time of the class. Some residents showed up early and did other things before taking the fitness class. The outcome of that process was many participants would sign up for two classes in a row, which initially did not seem negative, until it was realized that some people were not able to participate in the second class because there was not enough space, people from the first class took up the space for the second class so some people were not able to take any classes at all.

The process meant if someone wanted to take the second class, and be sure of getting a spot, they would need to come to the clubhouse a couple of hours early to sign up for that class, then go home and come back for the class. This process seemed a little inconvenient. The problem is the room is only so big and can handle only so many people in each class. Naturally, like many things, there are more popular times when more people want to participate.

An evaluation was done and decided that a priority should be given to those people that have not taken a class over the people that have already taken a class. We use this same philosophy for tennis and pickleball court reservations, you may not reserve two times in a row, which would mean new people would not be allowed to play. So, court reservations may only be one at a time giving new people the chance to play.

Given this outcome, beginning November 1, you may not take two classes in a row unless there is space available, thereby giving people that have not taken a class the priority over people already taking a class. This is done in remembering we all live together and need to share facilities and services so that the greatest number of people can be accommodated, in a given period of time, given the amount of space that is available. In this way if space is available at the start of the second class people from the first class will be able to participate, but it will give priority to the new people that have not yet participated.

New Fitness Class Procedures Effective November 1, 2019: 

  • 30-Minute Sign-in Procedure: Residents will be allowed to sign-up for a fitness class 30 minutes prior to the class starting. Late entries are not allowed. You may not take two classes in a row unless there is space available.
  • Stand-by List Procedure: If residents want to attend two classes in a row, they will be placed on a stand-by list at the time they sign up for the first class. After everyone else has had the opportunity to sign-up for the following class, and if the class hasn’t reached capacity, 5 minutes before the second class starts the people on the stand-by list will be allowed to attend in the order that they were placed on the stand-by list.

This new procedure will allow the greatest number of people the opportunity to attend the classes they desire in a finite period of time, with as little inconvenience as possible.

Fitness Rules:

  • Silence all cell phones prior to a class.
  • Wipe all mats down after use.
  • All classes are 45 minutes. Room must be cleared 10 minutes prior to the next class start time.
  • Refrain from use of perfume and cologne when participating in classes.
  • Respect and be courteous to others.

Let me know if you have questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller