Presidents Message: Frontier Update (1/29/2021)

Kim Fuller

Good evening residents:

Frontier Update: All Homes are Open for Installation calls Tomorrow

For those last 205 homes that needed cable hook-up before calling for an install appointment, Frontier will be accepting phone calls for those 205 homes to place orders for installation starting tomorrow, January 30, by calling 844-660-0648. Do NOT call Frontier’s advertised number at 800-921-8101.

This means all homes can call for an appointment at any time. I have attached the information and instructions on making and appointment. The call center is open Monday to Saturday.

When installing your new internet service, Frontier can program the new wireless to your existing wireless password. If you want to keep you existing wireless password let the technician know so they will know to program the new wireless correctly. The advantage of keeping the same Username and Password is you will not have to reset any of your devices.

If you are having trouble with the system after it is installed, do NOT call the advertised Frontier number. You need to call the bulk cable division at 844-660-0648. If you call the regular retail number, you will not get correct service and tracking down the problem could take quite some time. You may also contact the HOA office for the onsite installation Manager for Frontier and they will be able to help you with any problems right away.

The good news is the install is going well so all residents can call in now. Everything is proceeding on schedule at this time and all residents that call for appointments should be hooked up by March 1. You can always wait and hook up anytime in the future at no charge if you happen to be away at this time.

Take care and stay safe.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller