Presidents Message: Frontier Update 10/20/2020

Kim Fuller

Good morning residents:

My error for not being clearer about the call in schedule which created some confusion. Hopefully, this information will clear up the confusion.

Frontier will be accepting phone calls to place orders for installation on Wednesday October 21 for the residents in Zone 1A only according to the install schedule. The schedule is attached.

When the delay for calling in orders occurred, it meant a delay for those residents in Zone 1A only. They were supposed to call in on October 15. They will now begin calling in tomorrow on October 21. The rest of the schedule, for residents to call in, for Zone 1B and Zone 1C will not be changed. Here is the schedule for calling in for each Zone:

  • Zone 1A is to begin placing orders on October 21.
  • Zone 1B is to begin placing orders on November 1.
  • Zone 1C is to begin placing orders on November 15.

Frontier cannot handle the capacity if everyone calls in at the same time, so please wait for your scheduled time before calling in to place your order. You will place your order by calling 844-660-0648 beginning at 8 am. Do NOT call Frontier’s advertised number at 800-921-8101.

The actual installations will begin on November 1.

There was a delay in taking orders for the residents in Zone 1A, but everyone else is still on time, on the same schedule previously announced. Please don’t call in early before your scheduled time. Look up your street address in the attached install schedule and it will tell you when you are to call in to make your install appointment.

Sorry for the confusion.

Kim Fuller