President’s Message: Golf Course Putting Operations

Kim Fuller

Good day residents:

I will be giving another Podcast today at 2pm to explain in more detail all that is happening here at Shadow Hills as we deal with the Stay-at-Home directive given by the state.

I need to let you know that all Golf Course activities are hereby suspended including those venues we were trying to keep open. Effective immediately all putting greens are closed, the putting course is closed, and the practice facilities are closed. The Board is sorry to close these activities as we are sorry to close all the other activities but given circumstances and the Governor’s directive the Board feels it is necessary at this time.

Putting and chipping does not appear to the Board as an essential activity in trying to eliminate the spread of the coronavirus. Board’s opinion is that such activity is not necessary at this time in the best interest of all residents. Given not only the directive of the Governor, but also recent pictures of residents putting and not maintaining a safe distance, it became clear we need to make safety the priority.

Please enjoy walking for the time being around the many miles of streets we have here at SCSH. Hopefully this will be over soon, but we all need to put aside personal privilege if we are going to do all that is possible to stop the spread of this virus.

I will have detailed information coming and will do another Podcast at 2pm today to explain the many changes in our operations going forward for the time being.

Keep in touch and I wish you all a great and healthy day.

Thank you and see you all soon.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller