President’s Message: Golf, Tennis, Pickleball, and Bocce will Open

Kim Fuller

Good Afternoon Residents:

The County is now allowing certain activities to open for play provided certain restrictions are put into place. Golf, Tennis, Pickleball, and Bocce may open for play, but certain restrictions must be implemented. I have attached a list of guidelines that must be followed if you are going to play one of these activities. Some of the basics are:

  1. There will be no water available so be sure to bring enough water
  2. Masks are always required once you leave your vehicle until you return to your vehicle
  3. There are no guests
  4. There is to be no gathering before or after play
  5. See attached guidelines for a complete list

I have attached a list of guidelines for every sport that will open. All these activities will open on Friday, and reservations can be made starting Thursday 4/23/20. For golf you must pay in advance for your green fee online. Cash will not be accepted at all. See the attached procedure. Walk in times for play will not be allowed. Reservations for all the activities must be done in advance in order to play. Please see attached guidelines for each activity.

Dog parks are not allowed to be opened given the County order. The County order is as follows, “Outdoor areas may be used for walking, jogging, hiking, biking, equestrian activities, and other non-contact outdoor sports such as golf, pickleball, and tennis.” Activities that create contact with individuals such as picnic tables and playgrounds, or other similar public or private events and gatherings are prohibited. Given that dog parks are not an outdoor sports activity for people, but they do allow for people to gather in one venue, they are not allowed.

Pools were not granted the exception at this time. The current document states “Both public and privately-owned shared pools must be closed, including apartment pools, hotel pools and neighborhood pools”. Until we get an order to allow pools to be opened this statement makes it clear pools may not open.

Please read all the restrictions for playing in the sports that are allowed. If we can adhere to the County guidelines, we can hopefully be safe as we participate in some of the outdoor activities that we all have missed. Hopefully soon other activities will slowly be available, so one step at a time. Priority is still the health and safety of each person, so be careful as you enjoy some of the outdoor activities once again.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller