Presidents Message: Masks 12/7/2020

Kim Fuller


Good morning residents:

As you probably know recent increases in COVID cases and hospital capacity concerns have resulted in new State and County restrictions. The State and County have issued new guidelines for all residents. The Board will be meeting today to go over the new restrictions. Yesterday you were notified that all outside dining is now closed, but Shadows is still open for take-out and delivery.

The new Orders have at least 2 substantive changes:

  1. Masks will always be required outdoors. This would mean anytime you are out of your home a mask would be required. Golfers, Tennis players, Pickleball players, Bocce players, walkers on the street, bicyclists, etc. will have to wear masks all the time. It would mean masks are required putting out trash cans and getting your mail. It would mean masks are required on your own property while gardening, etc.
  2. Gatherings of any kind, of any size, indoors or outdoors are prohibited. This would mean that 3 households can no longer meet outdoors.

The Board is meeting today to discuss and finalize the implementation of the new State and County Orders. I will let you know later today what is in effect. Please be prepared for these changes to take place tomorrow because according to the County Orders these new rules went into effect today.

Thank you for taking all precautions necessary to help everyone stay healthy and safe.

Let us take a moment and remember this is December 7, National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day, a day in which 2,403 Americans perished during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Let’s all be thankful we are here, in such a beautiful place, knowing we will persevere with everyone’s help.

Stay safe and healthy, I will be back to you soon.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller