President’s Message: Masks, Gatherings, and Guests

Kim Fuller

Good Evening Residents:

I have had many questions about the current rules around masks, gatherings, and guests. Let me try and answer the common questions that have come up recently.

What is the difference between the “stay at home order” and “social distancing”? “Stay at home” is a more rigorous form of social distancing. It involves staying in your home unless you need to leave for “essential activities” or to work for an “essential business,” or for “essential travel”. Under the “stay at home” Executive Order you cannot host or attend any gatherings. On April 4,2020 the County Health Officer went on to clarify that “All public or private "gatherings, within the County of Riverside are prohibited, regardless of venue or size”. This means there cannot be any gathering of people anywhere at any time. The only gathering of people allowed is for the occupants of the same house.

Can I sit with my neighbors on the driveway of my home if we are more than 6’ apart? No. This is a gathering and according to county order no gatherings no matter how small, no matter where they take place.

Can I sit with friends in my home? No.

Can I sit with friends in my backyard? No.

Can I leave home to visit friends or family members if there is no urgent need or I am not performing an essential activity? No. For your safety as well as their safety, we need to help each other fight the spread of COVID-19 by staying at home. Please do not invite guests unless essential according to the county order.

Can home service workers continue to provide their services? Home service workers may provide services to residences if essential to health, safety, sanitation, or the necessary operation of the residence. Generally, this will mean that plumbing, maintenance (to, for example, fix an interior or exterior water leak), pest control, or similar services necessary to maintain a safe and sanitary household are permissible. Purely cosmetic and other non-essential home services should be deferred to minimize risk of transmission. We should all try to minimize any outside people if possible.

Are Masks required at all times? Yes, except for the occupants of a home while they are in their home, backyard or car. County Order states, “All persons, including Essential Workers shall wear face coverings, such as scarves (dense fabric, without holes), bandanas, neck gaiter, or other fabric face coverings.

When Service workers are at or in my home, do they need to wear a mask? Yes. All service workers are required to wear a mask anytime they are not in their own car. Housekeepers are always required to wear a mask in or around the house. Gardeners are always required to wear a mask outside of their own car. All service workers like plumbers, etc. are always required to wear a mask when not in their own car.

Are guests required to wear a mask in my own home? Yes. But only essential guests are allowed in your home at this time. Visiting guests are not allowed in your home.

When walking down the street are masks required? Yes. Masks are required everywhere except in you own home, car or backyard.

Are Masks required when doing yard work in my own front yard? Yes. Masks are required everywhere outdoors except in your car or backyard.

When bicycling, am I required to wear a mask? Yes. Masks are required for any activity outside except when in your own backyard.

When bicycling, am I required to stay 6’ apart? Yes. You must stay 6’ apart from other people except for another occupant of your own home.

Can I wear my mask below my chin around my neck? No.

The Board has unanimously decided that any violation of the County Order is subject to fines up to $200. We would prefer no one ever get a citation and fine, but implementation of all mitigating procedures is best for the safety and health of every resident here at Shadow Hills, and that priority must take precedence over personal preference.

Please understand these restrictions are for the safety of all of us. The longer we participate in these mitigating measures, the more likely residents will not get sick from Covid-19. We need to focus on the task at hand, to prevent anyone from getting sick from the Covid-19 virus which can cause death in our population group. We need to be diligent to help keep all our neighbors safe from harm.

Many have asked about the masks being made for our residents. I want to thank Cheryl Taylor and the Needles and Pins Club for stepping up to make masks for the residents. No question it was needed because we have had requests for 1700 masks. You can order a mask online (☞ click here) or call the Lifestyle desk at 760-345-4349, Ext. 2120. Given the number of masks needed, it will take us a little time to make all the masks. Please be patient, the people making masks are working as fast as possible, but 1700 masks does take a little time. We will get back to you, but we need to give the sewers a little time to make all the masks. If you have left a message it will be returned as soon as we have enough masks to distribute to you. This process will need to be done gradually over several days. As masks are made, we will call to have you pick them up. There are some people that have not picked up their mask at their appointed time, so please come by and pick it up as soon as possible. We need the space for more masks coming in for distribution.

Thank you for taking all precautions necessary to help everyone stay healthy and safe. Please let everyone know that masks are required just in case they did not get this message.

Let’s take a moment and be thankful we are here, a much better place to be than other parts of the world. We all need to focus and ‘Stay the Course’. It will prove to be our path to success. We are only part way through this process, so let’s work together to insure everyone stays healthy and safe, nothing else matters. As Riverside County Covid-19 cases continue to rise, if we stay diligent, perhaps this awful and ugly virus will pass us by, but we can’t stop fighting if we are going to be successful.

Thank you all for the kind words of support, everyone on the Board appreciates your help. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Stay safe and healthy and see you all soon.

Kim Fuller