Presidents Message – October 19, 2020

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents:

Here is some updated information.

Frontier Update

They notified us a couple days ago that call in ordering was delayed. We are hoping the call in ordering process will begin for Phase 3 residents on Wednesday, October 21. The actual installation will still begin on November 1.

Frontier is here now checking the fiber optic drops between the hub and your house.

If there is an issue with a broken conduit going to your home, Frontier will dig up and repair the conduit in order to make the fiber optic connection to your home.

Afterward if the yard is not as it was prior to digging, call the HOA office to report the problem and Frontier will return to fix it. Phase 3 will be installed first. Letters have been mailed to all Phase 3 residents providing the information on calling in your order. Information for Phase 1 and 2 will be mailed prior to their scheduled call in date. This information is also on our website at Scroll to the bottom of the page for all documents listed.

My comment in a Podcast about customer service was related to the fact in Town Hall meetings for every person that liked Frontier there was a person that did not like Frontier, and for every person that liked Spectrum there was a person that did not like Spectrum. All such comments were based on opinions that both companies had customer service issues and that whichever company we decided on it would happen knowing the customer service was not going to improve. My comment was based on the fact we would move forward knowing we would save money but that the customer service issues would not change. I stand by that statement, but that does not mean Frontier is in breach, nor does it mean they will not fulfill their contract of providing internet service. To expect the customer service to be different from before is not realistic nor was it ever said the customer service would improve.

Technically if they begin the installation by November 1, they have done exactly what they projected. All we have now is a delay in the ordering process. Hopefully the ordering process will begin on Wednesday.

Gathering Orders

The October 9th State order for Private Gatherings was re-examined by the Board.

Board decided (unanimously):

  • Too many discrepancies on meaning, and implementation
  • Rescinded implementation of this order in SCSH
  • Requested legal to get clarification from the state

The Current Rules are:

  • No visitors or guests on common property.
  • HOA is NOT looking for violations of the State order on private property.
  • HOA relies on residents to be responsible, use common sense, be considerate of neighbors.
  • HOA will investigate reports of noise or improper conduct.

Golf Courses

The Board voted to open the Golf courses to guests and outside play. It was felt that opening to guests and outside play could be done safely given how the game is played. People use their own equipment, use separate golf carts, and can easily maintain social distancing.

COVID – 19

Riverside County’s Daily Case Rate and Positivity Rate have been increasing. The County is in danger of returning to Purple Tier, requiring more closures. If this were to occur, we would have to close the Fitness gyms and indoor dining at Shadows. Testing sites are listed with the Riverside County Health System at the following locations:

It is important for people to get tested, and assuming a negative result, it will help reduce these numbers.

2021 Budget

Final budget meeting Tuesday, October 20th at 10:00 am. The Budget is based on worst case scenario of no visitors on golf courses and Shadows. In this way if the County is to close down any of these operations we will have planned for the worst. If we are able to remain open to guests for golf it will only help the year end income result in a positive way.