Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #250

Kim Fuller


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Podcast #250 – 12/4/2020

Frontier Internet

If you are having performance issues after your install, please contact the HOA office. There is an onsite supervisor here 6 days a week to help with such problems. I have heard nothing but good things about this man. I wish all installs and construction would go smoothly but it just does not happen that way. There will be issues so hopefully this person can help to resolve the problems right away.

We still do not know when Phase 1 will open for installation, but we expect not until January sometime.

North Channel Lakes: The first lake is located at the corner of Jefferson and 40th. All the Lakes in question are on the South Golf Course and not the North Golf Course even though we call them the North Channel Lakes. The Water Company is estimated to start construction on rebuilding the first North Channel Lake next June. The first lake will be demolished, and a new lake built to accommodate the drainage plans for increased water flow.

The HOA has funds saved for the removal of sediment and reeds from all the Lakes on the back nine. We don’t want to start any work until after the Water Company completes their work to the first lake because water travels from the first lake to the second lake and so forth through the golf course. If we remove sediment and reeds from other lakes without removing the sediment and reeds from the first lake, the reeds will simply travel back into the other lakes and we would have to do the work all over again. For this reason, we do not want to spend thousands of dollars now, removing sediment and reeds from the lakes, and then we would have to do it again after the first lake is rebuilt. We also don’t want to spend thousands of dollars removing sediment and reeds from the first lake when the Water company will be doing that work in about 6-7 months anyway. The estimated cost of removing reeds and sediment from the first lake alone is about $75,000, so we don’t want to spend that money when the lake is going to be removed in six months by the water company.

Trash Pickup: Many residents in phase 3 have experienced late trash pickup on Tuesdays. If your trash pickup has not occurred by 7 pm, you may leave your containers out all night and put them away the next morning. Containers need to be put away by 9 am on Wednesday. If the trash has not been picked up by 9 am on Wednesday, you may leave your containers out on Wednesday until the trash is finally picked up.

Coronavirus Update: Some residents are thinking we are supposed to follow the CDC recommendations, and this is not correct. We are required to follow the State and County Orders, the CDC guidelines are only recommendations and have no jurisdiction or authority over what we are required to implement.

Currently you may have 3 households visit outdoors in your backyard. All guests are supposed to leave by 10 pm according to the latest State and County Orders. There are to be no gatherings indoors and no guests in your home overnight according to the State Order. The HOA is not allowing for guests on Common Property except for golf. Small gatherings indoors have been shown to be super spreaders of the virus. In more than 50% of cases, the virus is being spread by people showing no symptoms at all.  If you attended a gathering indoors over Thanksgiving, it is recommended you self-quarantine and get a COVID test in 3-5 days after the gathering to be sure you are COVID free.

Please follow all safety guidelines: Must carry a mask at all times, wear masks outdoors if you can’t maintain 6’ social distancing, wear masks at all times indoors except for members of the same household, this does not mean the same family, but people that live in the same house. People from the same family that do not live in the same house may not gather indoors together at all. People from the same family that do not live in the same house may not stay overnight in another family members home.Currently the State is recommending stopping all travel for the holidays. Cases and deaths are at their highest level. Currently a person is dying from this virus every 30 seconds. This is as real as it gets. 50% of all infections are caused by asymptomatic people-people spreading the virus showing no signs of illness at all. It is very possible the restrictions might be increased very soon, so be prepared for such restrictions.

COVID State and County Law

The State Order is still in effect about ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘no gatherings’. This State Order has been in effect since last March. Residents are responsible to follow the State Order. The HOA will be looking for and enforcing no visitors and no gatherings on Common Property, such as streets, parking lots, Tennis courts, Pickleball courts, etc.

The HOA will not be looking for violations of the State Order on private property. We will investigate any complaints of noise or conduct on private property. We are not looking for such violations on private property, for example in your home or in your backyard. But if there is a complaint we will investigate.

The State Order allows for only 3 households to gather and it must be outside. No gatherings inside a home. But there are still no guests allowed on Common property.

The HOA has relaxed the on-street parking rules during the holidays in the past. That will not happen this year. The State Order is for no non-essential guests to gather in a home at all, so it does not seem responsible that we issue permits for a guest to stay over night when they are not supposed to be here. Currently you may have 3 households meet in a backyard, but all guests are supposed to leave by 10 pm.

Although the vaccine is coming, we still must be as vigilant as possible because we still have a few months to go. This is not the time to be relaxed and let down your guard, this is the time to be very cautions, very responsible, very aware and do everything possible to keep this virus from infecting our families and friends. Holidays can wait until another time, death is permanent, and given current statistics let’s not fool ourselves, we are in a most dangerous time. To hold a gathering at this time you must ask yourself, if your family member or friend dies, was it worth it. I think not. It is recommended if you have plans cancel them, stay home, and keep you family and friends as safe as possible.

In case you are wondering, this HOA President does not make recommendations without following the guidelines, I leave those irresponsible actions to the politicians.

Please: Be diligent and responsible and know there is a light at the end of this tunnel. Let’s get there with as many as possible healthy and alive.

Please take care and be safe.

Kim Fuller