Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #283

John MacDonnell

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

First, I want to remind everyone to drink lots of water with the temperatures rising. And I also want to thank Gus Ramirez for setting up all the equipment for each of these podcasts. I really appreciate it, Gus. Bob Firing can't be here today but I hope to see him back soon.

1. Montecito Café: Everyone misses it. I love it, but we can't make it come back by just snapping our fingers. Due to safety concerns and the numbers being down, the last administration decided to close it-- temporarily, I believe. Kathy Lindstrom with the Food and Beverage Committee is trying to save the Café and the Board will be carefully looking into their recommendations.

2. Montecito Pool: Sorry -- we had hoped it would be open by now, but there were things wrong with the pool that required us to start all over again. It's under construction now and I check it every couple of days with the knowledge from my years of experience in construction. We hope it will be open -- cold and beautiful -- by June 21st, but I can't promise.

3. Comedy Night and Other Shows: Sir Laughs-a-lot, Let's Meet and Eat and others will be back as soon as Covid restrictions allow. Julie Johnston is ready to sell tickets so when they are available, don't wait. They will go fast.

4. COVID-19 Update: The local CDC is our guide. They are in our hospitals, our neighborhoods and our businesses so they know best. The Board is proactive and ready to move as soon as we get the word. We're hoping for a June 15th release, but we can't promise.

5. Rumors: There are lots of them here and it's like getting your information from a Cracker Jack's box. We'll clarify anything that comes up. I'll do more podcasts if they are needed. We don't want rumors ruining our lives.

6. Podcast Transcriptions: Some of you have asked for transcriptions so you don't have to listen to a podcast. I am happy that we now have a volunteer experienced in writing and editing who has offered to provide these now.

7. Delegation: Some of you are saying that we aren't doing our job -- and that I'm not doing my job. I am out there all the time doing my best but I won't be a micro manager. I can't do everything here, so I delegate when appropriate to our very capable Assistant General Manager and our very capable General Manager. They will get back to you with the information so I don't have to go to them and then back to you. I am learning as I go but I don't know everything.

8. Dogs and Hot Paws: This important issue makes me tear up whenever I see it. As our temperatures reach 110 and 120, if you can't walk barefoot on our pavement, asphalt, and grass, your dogs shouldn't either -- especially along Sun City Boulevard. They are our substitute children and please be sure to provide water for them.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in our neighborhood -- forward and upward! Thank you for your time.