Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #284

John MacDonnell

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

I know I just did a podcast yesterday but now I'm back with just a short one. There are two issues I want to address:

1. COVID-19 Tiers: There is a lot of information out there that people have been reading in newspapers or online that we should be in the yellow tier. I just got off the phone with the CDS Riverside and they told me that we're still in the orange tier and that I'm not to release us to any other tier. I'm waiting to hear back from a gentleman named Jose, the CDC Public Address person for the County of Riverside, and I should be getting more information from him. But I'm holding fast for now that we're still in the orange tier but will move to yellow just as soon as we can do it.

2. Montecito Pool: I want to apologize to you for the Montecito Pool. I went down there at 11:30 this morning and met with our General Manager and a couple of our team members and the pool still is not to my standards. I have to, as a professional general contractor, give you the best possible job for that pool. When they jack hammered out the plaster that wasn't quite correct, some of the tiles came loose. They were going to replace those tiles but after knocking on a few of those tiles and hearing hollow spots behind them, I was not convinced that it was in the best interest of the Home Owners Association to leave that pool with those tiles in it. So I have asked them to remove all the tiles in the ribbon between the coping and the plaster itself and to reset all the tiles. I did that simply because I don't want problems down the line where the tiles will come loose and then we'll have to repair the pool every so often.

So it's going to take an extra four days. We were planning on reopening on the 21st and now it's going to be Friday, the 25th. But I felt that it was not up to the standards of what we deserve here at Sun City Shadow Hills so I took the liberty of making sure that it was done right.

So, that's all I have for you today. I look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible about the COVID-19 tiers for our community and an update on what's happening for the 15th of June to go to green. I'll be back to you as soon as possible through either a podcast or through Tyler at the HOA office. Thank you for your time, drink lots of water -- it's hot out there -- and I will see you out there.