Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #290

John MacDonnell

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

1. Traffic rules for service providers: When you request delivery services from companies like Grubhub, Uber Eats and also services like Uber Rides and Lift Rides, please remember to remind them to obey the speed and traffic laws we have here at Sun City Shadow Hills. Yesterday I was coming around a corner and a guy with an Uber Eats sticker on his car went right through a stop sign and made a right hand turn. I was flabbergasted. So, I'm reminded by our wonderful General Manager that we need to send a message out to you to let those service people know that we really want to protect our community. We don't want to hit a bicyclist or a duck or anything that. So ask them to just pay attention to our laws when they're in our community and that will make this a safer place.

2. New mask policy for Association employees - Tyler Ingle, General Manager: John: Today we have a wonderful guest. He is taking time out of his very busy schedule to explain a couple of things that the state of California has put out and our good friend Jose at the Riverside Public Health Office who works very closely with the CDC and the public address system for Riverside County has put out some notices and we have Tyler Ingle who will explain a little about what we have going on here. We're just talking about basic public safety for our community.

Tyler Ingle: Out of an abundance of caution, Desert Resource Management has decided that all of our employees will wear masks indoors. This includes employees who are vaccinated or non- vaccinated. They'll also wear masks outdoors when they're not able to socially distance. We've spoken with our other service providers and management companies, Troon, Allied Universal and Vintage Landscape, and they've all agreed to follow the same policy.

John: So this recommendation comes from the State and then onto the county. So we're not doing this to be aggressive but to be safe. If you don't feel comfortable as a resident and you choose to wear your mask indoors or when you're not socially distancing and that is your preference, please feel free to do so.

Tyler: We're not enforcing anything on the residents. There's no county mandate that requires masks for anyone including our employees. But in our case, Desert Resource Management and our senior management CEO agree that out of an abundance of caution that we would go back to mask wearing at this time and that will be effective Sunday, August 1st.

John: If the state guidelines change and it becomes more restrictive for the residents, we'll get together with the Board and the management team here and we'll evaluate what we need to do and we'll make an informed decision to send out to the community.