Presidents Message: Overview of Podcast #296

John MacDonnell

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

Sadly, one of our family's home caught fire this morning and burned to the point where the city of Indio had to red tag it. Fortunately, they and their dog are all safe and they were able to salvage their car, but everything else they own is gone except for what they were wearing on their backs. So for now they need primarily items for personal hygiene like toothpaste and brushes but let's not go too far down the road for now because it can get overwhelming. Next they need about a week's worth of clothing for him and for her. She has given me permission to give their phone number out. Please be respectful and don't call too late. Let's do what we can to help get them restarted in the rebuilding of their lives.

So this is a good time to give out a reminder to take pictures of some of the items you have in your house and a file of some of the important things you have. Keep the file in a place so you can grab it quickly if you need to get out of your house. The heat dries these houses out very quickly so they are prime for burning.

Take care out there.