Presidents Message: Podcast Review from 11/10/20

Kim Fuller

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Below is a synopsis of this episode.

Why not reduce dues by $12 per month instead of a onetime credit of $144?

It is correct we could reduce dues by $12 per month and we did consider this alternative. We decided not to proceed that way because of the issues involved this last year when we reduced the dues by $8 per month. If we reduce the dues by $12 per month too many residents do not understand the real dues rate would be $12 higher. We spent a lot of time explaining to people all year long that the dues this year was $281, not $273. As a result, people thought the dues increase was 8% when it is actually 4.6%. Given the onetime credit of $144, the actual dues increase for next year is only $1 per month based on a balanced budget comparing this year to next year. To avoid this same confusion next year, we decided the better approach is a onetime credit so that everyone will know for certain the dues are $306 per month. This will save us time in trying to explain next year the actual dues increase and it will remove the criticism from people that believe we are increasing dues a higher percentage than the actual real increase. Next year everyone will know the dues are $306 per month and everyone will calculate the new dues rate based on $306. Just easier to explain. We don’t count Frontier in the calculation because Frontier was not part of the operations budget for this year and residents voluntarily voted to increase the dues by $12 per month in order to save money each month. Our estimate is over 70% of residents will save more than $12 per month making their net cost per month go down.

How will the billing work for January and February?

The bill for the January monthly dues will be $162 and the following 11 months will be $306. For those of you that have direct withdrawal with DRM, they will withdraw the correct amount each month, so you don’t have to worry about the change from January to February. Each person may verify that this will happen automatically by calling the HOA office. People on auto pay through a bank will have to make the change for January and then make a change again in February for the rest of the year.

Frontier Installation

Frontier install is proceeding. If you call on a Monday morning that is the busiest time for calls so you will probably be put on hold. Tuesday through Friday I have been told is going efficiently with little or not wait time on hold to make your appointment.

Most installs have been going well I have been told. There are some issues as there are with any new installation. One resident had the entire system go down an hour after the installation. The resident then tried to call to have it repaired and the service rep said they could not send out a tech unless the resident paid a fee. Now that clearly didn’t sound right. Turned out the resident got routed to a retail division and once cleared up the tech came out that night and made all the repairs. Resident says he is saving about $80 per month.

So far, I have only heard from two people that they are not saving any money. We have asked for a copy of their last two bills to see if something is in error. We are waiting for the bills so at the moment we don’t know for sure if there is a savings or not. We will see. Most people have said they are saving between $40 and $80 per month.

Golfer with COVID

I need a follow up on the announcement I made about a golfer testing positive for COVID. I made this announcement a few weeks ago.

Only the one golfer tested positive and had a very mild case. Those who were near this person and those who saw this person in the days following have all tested NEGATIVE. I want you all to know that all the others who had limited contact with the golfer tested negative. Even the spouse tested negative. Hopefully, this will reduce the curiosity and anxiety about what happened to this person. Everyone appears safe and sound.

State Order is still in Effect

Please be aware there are still no gatherings and no guests according to State Orders. Only exception is 3 households may meet outside only, not indoors. The HOA is not allowing guests on common property including streets.

We are all trying to navigate this situation the best we can so people may participate in certain activities while still being as safe as possible. The HOA is not looking for a violation of the State Order on private property but will investigate any complaint or anything obvious.

Suggestion is to leave thanksgiving and holidays to next year and keep everyone safe. Please be careful.

Thank you and take care.

Kim Fuller