President’s Message: Pool May Open with Strict Restrictions

Kim Fuller

Good Afternoon Residents:

The County is now allowing pools at HOA’s to operate provided extremely strict restrictions are put into place. Here are the Restrictions for your review:

Can private pools, like those in a gated housing development or apartment building, remain open?

Yes, private pools, including those in an HOA, apartment complex, hotel, motel, and country club, are permitted to operate for single occupancy only (one swimmer at a time), regardless of size or volume of pool. No gatherings around the pool are permitted, though a parent or guardian should remain with a minor who is swimming at all times to ensure safety.

All outdoor furniture in pool areas must be removed or stacked/chained in such a manner that furniture is rendered unusable. Drinking fountains and showers must remain closed and roped off from use. High touch areas such as handrails, restroom surfaces, light switches, dispensers, faucets, and doorknobs must be sanitized frequently.

Pools shall continue to be maintained in accordance with all County laws and regulations to ensure proper chemicals and safety measures are present. More information on pool safety can be found online at:

As you can see the restrictions limit the use of a pool to only one person at a time with no other people in the area including the deck area. The Board is meeting on Monday and will discuss the new guidelines so see if they can be implemented. If we cannot implement the guidelines, we will not be able to open the pools. I will let you know on Tuesday what, if anything, can be done. If anyone has ideas on how to implement the new guidelines, please let me know before Monday’s Board meeting.

Have a great day and stay safe.

Thank you.

Kim Fuller