President’s Message: Seal Coating and Crack Repair Update

Kim Fuller

Good afternoon residents,

Sun City Blvd. was seal coated with new material a couple of weeks ago along with new painted signs and striping. There were also some crack repairs done to some of the streets in phase 3. This work was overseen and inspected by an asphalt engineering company that the HOA hired to represent our interest to be sure the work was completed correctly and according to the specifications in the contract.

The asphalt engineer and the contractor went over the completed work and agreed that the seal coat work (the black paint on the street) was done well and installed according to specification, so that part of the work is complete.

The asphalt engineer and the contractor went over the striping and sign paint work and agreed that the striping was not installed to specification so the striping and signs painted on the road will be re-done.

The fluorescent reflection you see at night is because fluorescent beads are put down on the paint when it is wet. The paint itself is not fluorescent, but fluorescent beads are thrown onto the paint right after it is painted on the street. Part of the issue with the install was the engineer thinks the paint dried too fast causing the beads not to stick to the paint, which caused the current uneven look at night. The Engineer did state however that this process is never completely even, so we should not expect the lines and signs on the streets to have a uniform reflection at night, that will not happen. The issue with the install is it did not meet the tolerances for the specified work.

The crack repair work was inspected, and it was agreed by the contractor and our inspector that some of the crack repairs will need to be touched up, so some crack fill work will need to be finished.

Some questions and answers about the crack fill work from the Engineer:

  1. Does the material in a crack always fill to the top of the street? No, the material could be below the street level and still be a correct install. Caution is used to prevent too much material that overflows the top of the street which can then cause oozing and material movement. This can cause problems with material pick up by cars, and sometimes this can lead to material even filling up gutters.
  2. Should sand be placed on all crack material? Not necessarily. Sand is used to prevent cars from tracking the material in case the material is not quite dry. If the material is completely dry sand may not be used. Both installs are acceptable and follow specifications.
  3. Some crack fill material is shinny and some is not shinny. Does this mean it was installed incorrectly? No. If black sand is used it will dull the material’s finish color. If sand is not used the material will be shinny. Both installs are acceptable and follow specifications.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller