President’s Message: Update on Santa Rosa Pool Chiller Install

Kim Fuller

Hello Residents,

The pool cooling devices are installed on the Santa Rosa pool and are working correctly. I want to explain how they work because we had a misunderstanding of their operation.

We thought the units would be able to maintain a given temperature of the pool. For example, if we set the units for 88 degrees, we thought that temperature would always be maintained at 88 degrees, just like setting the air temperature in your home. We were mistaken.

These cooling units do cool water, but their efficiency and capacity are based on ambient air temperature. During the very hot part of the day, or on very humid days, the cooling capacity of the units is not as efficient. The units are rated for about a 10-12 degree cooling ability based on ambient air temperature. If the air temperature is 110 degrees, the cooling capacity for the water is about 98 degrees. As you can see if you want water temperature below 90 degrees this will not happen when the air is very hot. The units are much more efficient at night when the air temperature is cooler.

The water temperature will therefore fluctuate during the day depending on heat and humidity. The pool will be cooler in the morning and will warm up during the day as the day gets warmer. This will mean on average the morning temperature of the water will be about 84-85 degrees, and the late afternoon temperature will be about 89-90 degrees. This fluctuation in water temperature cannot be avoided and is how the units work.

The Santa Rosa pool water temperature will be lower than the Montecito pool temperature because the starting water temperature in the morning for the Santa Rosa pool will be cooler. Many times, the Montecito pool temperature will be 90 degrees in the morning and rise during the day to 95 degrees.

Given this difference the Santa Rosa pool will be about 5-6 degrees cooler than the Montecito pool on any given day and time.

Hopefully this will explain to everyone why the pool temperature will increase during the day. Although both pools will increase temperature during the day as a result of increased heat during the afternoon, the Santa Rosa pool on average will be about 5-6 degrees cooler than the Montecito pool.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller