President’s Message: Walking, Jogging, Bicycles, Dogs on Golf Course

Kim Fuller

Good day residents:

So much is happening, and it will take a little time to answer everyone’s questions. Give us a little time and we will get back to you.

I am writing this message to answer the question about walking on the golf course.

Currently, the number one request today by most residents is ‘can we walk on the golf course’? Since it is closed it would be safe to walk on the golf course and a nice change.

I also want you all to know that the number one complaint I am getting today is ‘why are people walking on the golf course’? So, it appears there are two points of view, and I doubt if these two points of view will meet with agreement.

The Board has voted that the golf course is closed to everyone. Current rules in place are no walking, jogging, dogs, or bicycles are allowed on the golf course at any time. Only golfers while they play golf are allowed on the course. There is a process to change these rules and it can’t happen by a Board vote at a moment’s notice. These are current rules and regulations that if changed should go through a process where everyone may comment. That process would take at least 30 days.

As far as safety, it is true it would be safe from being hit by a golf ball. But we don’t supervise the golf course when there is no play, so additional staff would need to be hired because safety issues can still occur. Example, a trip and fall, a medical emergency. We would also need additional security because many homes would now be more accessible to anyone during the day.  So, allowing people on the golf course creates additional security concerns for residents, so additional security would need to be put in place, this would be an increased cost. We can’t have people on the course at night because there are no lights on the course or paths.

Let’s also keep in mind that residents that bought on the golf course did so with the understanding that only golfers would be on the golf course. These residents paid a premium for lots on the course knowing there would not be walkers, joggers, dogs, or bicycles traveling behind their homes. Given all these concerns it did not seem appropriate that because of this situation we should now open the course to anyone, violate our rules and regulations, hire more security, and disturb residents in their backyards without due process for their input.

The Board has voted for all these reasons that we will follow our rules and regulations and the golf course will remain closed to all traffic. Hopefully you will understand and be respectful of the people that live on the golf course, that their enjoyment matters as much as the people that want to walk on the course. There are miles of streets and the North Channel area for walking, jogging, dogs, etc.

Thank you for your understanding while we all venture through this unique time.

Keep in touch and I wish you all a great and healthy day.

Thank you and see you all soon.

Thank you,
Kim Fuller