President’s Report – April 2023

As published in The View, April 2023:

John MacDonnell

Please Vote and Participate in the Election of Your Directors

Your franchise is perhaps the most important right extended to you in our governing documents and is protected by law, so do not waste your opportunity to become involved in your community.

By the time this issue of The View is available on our official website ( or appears in your mail tubes, we will be mere days away from our Annual Meeting, which begins at 9 am in the Montecito Clubhouse main ballroom on Tuesday April 4, 2023. I am reasonably certain that most if not all of you are aware that we are in the middle of our annual election of Directors and that the results will be determined at the Annual Meeting.

If you have not voted yet, it is now too late to mail your ballots to HOA Elections; but you can still deposit them in the ballot boxes at both the Montecito and Santa Rosa Clubhouses. Or you may drop them off with HOA Elections officials first thing on the morning of the annual meeting, from 9 -10 am. To ensure that your vote will be counted, make sure you follow closely all voting instructions included with your ballot.

Mark your preferences carefully. After completing both sides of the ballot, place it into the special inner Secret Ballot Envelope (#1) and then seal that envelope. Then cut or carefully tear off the Owner Information Insert identification material and place it into the larger outer Election Materials (#2) envelope so that the identification (name, address, and HOA) displays through the envelope window.

Seal the outer envelope and make sure that an authorized owner of record signs it. Then deposit the ballot or deliver it as described above. If you have multiple properties, each of your ballots must be submitted separately.

Elections can be a stressful time for all. Remember, notwithstanding the campaign, I and your other Board members have continually been at work together to protect your interests, which is the fiduciary responsibility of all Directors. No matter the outcome, SCSHCA is a great HOA; and our community is a great place to live, vacation, or invest. I have every confidence that it will remain so because we have many outstanding volunteers plus wonderful neighbors and residents.

Because this could be the last time I will be addressing you as your President, I want to convey my thanks for the opportunity to serve this community as well as my special thanks to all volunteers and owners who regularly participate and make their interests and concerns known to those they choose to represent them. All HOAs are works in progress and hopefully improve with age as we all continue to learn, even at this time of our lives. This is your community, and what you get out of it can be improved by what you put into it.

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